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Business of Orthodontics Program/Curriculum

AAO‘s free Business of Orthodontics Webinar program/curriculum has culled the best business focused lectures from the full set of webinars to prepare residents for orthodontic practice management.  This turn-key program/curriculum covers: practice careers paths, practice strategies and management, human resources, marketing, finance and legal considerations.  A bonus elective leadership option is provided for self-study.  The dedicated business lecture program was piloted in 2016 at Temple University, The Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry by Dr. Robert Bray. 
Residents’ comments include:

  • “This series should be included in the curriculum. The lectures were well presented and answered a lot of common questions most young orthodontists have. Most importantly they bring up issues and present topics I never even considered. In totality, I am better prepared on the business side of orthodontics due to this series.”
  • “I believe the Business of Orthodontics series should be added to the curriculum of the Temple orthodontic program. The series of lectures provides a comprehensive list of topics in areas that are lacking in the orthodontic education of many programs, not just Temple. Unfortunately, business and finances are areas of ignorance for most dentists.  This series of lectures provides easy access to these important topics, as well as presenting them at a level that’s understandable to the financial/business novice.”

Business of Orthodontics Program/Curriculum
Access to Lectures – Begin using the Series at any time. Series lectures can be accessed by going to the AAO’s Online Lecture site. Login here.
The Business of Orthodontics program/curriculum content will be annually reviewed. Your comments are welcome.  Please contact Melissa McCulloch, Education Manager at