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2018 Leadership Development Conference

On February 9, 2018, volunteer leaders gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the AAO’s Leadership Development Conference. Turnout was excellent with 40 components and all 8 constituents represented. The Board of Trustees was also present and attendance totaled 85. Space was tight but the energy was boundless, as speaker presentations sparked dialogue about trends in the specialty and the strategic direction of the AAO. The conference was spearheaded by the AAO Component Support and Leadership Development Committee, which was chaired by Dr. Ken Dillehay (SWSO).

This page is intended to share program content and give you a glimpse of the experience. Between conferences, you are encouraged to utilize other resources and orientation materials in the Leadership Network.

Speaker Presentations
Conference participants requested copies of speaker materials so they could share information with their fellow leaders and local members. Please also take advantage of these resources!

Conference Photos and Leader Interviews
Participants shared their thoughts with us about the conference as well as their experience in volunteer leadership.

AAO Component Support & Leadership Development Committee

Dr. Ken Dillehay (Chair)
Dr. Frank Beglin (PCSO)
Dr. Charles (Allen) Chance (SAO)
Dr. Gary Inman (AAO Trustee)
Dr. Valerie Martone (GLAO)
Dr. Carolyn Melita (NESO)
Debbie Nunner (Executive Director, GLAO)
Dr. Steven Siegel (AAO Trustee)