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The AAO Political Action Committee (AAOPAC) was established in 1994 to assist the specialty of orthodontics and the profession of dentistry in influencing the federal government. The AAOPAC was established under federal law to solicit funds from members of the AAO and make contributions to the campaigns of candidates for elected positions in federal government. The AAOPAC’s government influence occurs via support for candidates whose views are consistent with the goals of the orthodontic specialty, or opposition to those whose views are not compatible with those of the specialty and the dental profession.

Why Create a PAC?

The AAOPAC can magnify the influence of orthodontists on government in ways that the AAO cannot. As a nonprofit organization, the AAO cannot contribute to the campaigns of candidates. However, the AAOPAC can do so. The AAOPAC can collect the contributions of many orthodontists and make a significant contribution to a candidate, on behalf of the specialty as a whole. The AAOPAC also serves to reinforce the goals of the dental profession by supporting candidates to whom other PACs have already contributed the maximum amount allowed by law.

Further, in situations where a particular issue would affect orthodontists more than other dentists, the AAOPAC can focus the specialty’s dollars more effectively.

2019-20 Board of Directors

  • Philip J. Beckwith, Chair (GLAO)
  • J. Dean Jensen (COGA)
  • Massimo V. Verduci (MASO)
  • Kevin D. Horner (MSO)
  • L. Jeffrey Lowenstein (NESO)
  • Michael A. Feinberg (PCSO)
  • Morris L. Poole (RMSO)
  • Gregory K. Inman (SAO)
  • Clark D. Colville (SWSO)
  • Michael G. Durbin (AAO Board Liaison)
  • Sean J. Murphy (Treasurer)